Eyelash Extensions FAQ

Tips before your appointment:​

  • Wash your hair the night before your appointment. This is because you need to avoid wetting your eyelashes for 24 hours after getting them done. Showering within the 24 hours of getting your eyelash extensions done without having to wash your hair will make it easier for you from getting your eyelashes wet.

  • To avoid an extra charge of $30 for Makeup Removal + Cleansing, PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP WITH MASCARA/EYELINER on. This will help reduce time spent on cleaning your eyelashes prior to the application. The sooner we start on your application, the sooner we can finish and can show them off :-)

  • Eat before your appointment. As all eyes and different style of extensions are different, the application time can take 2 - 3 hours.

  • Wear clothes that will keep you warm as the temperature in my room gets cold, or bring a clean blanket as per the new Covid-19 regulations, we are unable to provide a blanket.

How long will my Eyelash Extensions last?

The longevity of your eyelash extensions is dependent on your living lifestyle and after care. If you regularly swim, visit the spa or saunas, then these are factors at play in your eyelash extensions lasting for a short period of time compare to the usual duration which can vary between 2 - 3 weeks or a little more. If you clean your eyes and eyelashes daily, as well brushing them and keeping them tidy, these will help extensions last longer. Some medications such as thyroid medications can change the environment of your lashes, making natural lashes oilier, dryer, or more brittle. If you are taking this medication, your lashes may respond differently. If you take vitamins that encourage or stimulate hair growth, your lashes may shed faster.  There also may be other medications that change your body’s chemistry and make lash extensions not stick so great.

Is it normal for my natural lash to fall out with the extension?

Since each lash extension is attached to a single eyelash, they will fall out naturally along with the natural growth cycle of each natural lash. When your natural lash fall out with your extensions, that just means your natural lash is at the end of its cycle.

I've had my lashes done somewhere else and I'm due for a refill.

Unfortunately I do not do refills on someone else's work. If you're due for a refill and would like to see me for a refill appointment, we will have to completely remove your remaining lashes and do a full set for you. This is for the reason that every lash artists are different & use different products, stock and also ensuring we deliver the best service and result for your lashes.

In the event of an allergic reaction, what should I do and will I be issued a refund?

If you experience the rare occurrence of an allergic reaction, I advice you to call me immediately and we will have to book you in to have immediate removal. An allergic reaction to eyelash extensions is accompanied by visible swelling of the eye. Please keep in mind that an allergic reaction can be an unforeseen event that I am unable to predict, therefore a refund will not be issued.

If I choose to have my lashes removed for any reason, will I be issued a refund?

I take pride of my work and strive to provide the best experience possible, however, due to the resources and cost incurred in time and materials I do not offer refunds. I strongly recommend that you take time to look at photos of my work, ask questions and be entirely sure this is a service that you would like to have before you invest in the service.

What are your payment options?

There is Eftpos available and Afterpay (Afterpay is only available for services over $90). Afterpay will need to be organized with Jeuels prior to your appointment. Please let us know if you wish to put your appointment under Afterpay. You can also pay via cash, PayPal and bank transfer.

Eyelash Extensions After Care

  • Avoid wetting your eyelashes for 24 hours after your appointment. You can wash them as per normal after 24 hours.

  • After shower, gently pressed down on your eyelashes using your towel to dry them. DO NOT RUB your eyes dry or sideways to avoid your extensions getting caught in your towel. You could end up pulling your own lashes with the extensions.

  • Avoid steam/moisture for 24 hours after your appointment and any facial treatments.

  • Do not use make-up mascaras, eyeliner or eyelash curlers. Mascara can break down the bonds in the adhesive of the extensions.

  • Do not use any oil-based makeup removers on your eyelashes or oily skin care products. This can break down the adhesive of your extensions.

  • Maintain normal eye hygiene. After 24 hours of your appointment, you can wash your eyes and face as normal. Keeping your eyelash extensions clean and tidy everyday by removing dirt, oil or debris will help with the longevity as well as avoid any potential eye infections.  

  • Excessive rubbing or picking at the extensions can loosen the adhesive and cause the extensions to fall out.  This can also lead to the loss of your natural lashes too. If your own lashes are falling out, there won’t be enough natural lashes to apply the extension to, so try to avoid rubbing your eyes.

  • Brush your lashes GENTLY with a lash brush in the morning, or after shower. Keep your lash brush clean to avoid eye infection.​